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NR12: The key to excellence in industrial safety

In a dynamic and challenging industrial landscape, the top priority for any company is the safety of its employees. It is in this context that Regulatory Standard 12 (NR12) stands out as the key to excellence in industrial safety in Brazil. Let's explore why.

The foundation of operational safety

NR12 is not just a regulation; it is the solid foundation upon which operational safety practices are built. It establishes clear guidelines for the installation, operation, and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment. By following these guidelines, companies not only comply with the law but also ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

Risk reduction, productivity maximization

Complying with NR12 is not only a legal obligation but also a strategic investment. The standard significantly contributes to reducing occupational hazards, minimizing the occurrence of accidents, and preserving the integrity of workers. At the same time, the effective implementation of NR12 not only protects but also maximizes productivity, creating an optimized operational environment.

Compliance that builds confidence

In addition to tangible benefits, compliance with NR12 also builds confidence. Customers, partners, and stakeholders recognize the importance of high standards of industrial safety. Standing out as a company that prioritizes and meets these standards not only strengthens reputation but also opens doors to new business opportunities.


In summary, NR12 is not just a standard to be followed; it is the compass that guides companies toward safety, efficiency, and ongoing success. By embracing and implementing NR12 guidelines, we are building not only safe workplaces but also solid foundations for sustainable growth and long-term prosperity. It's more than compliance; it's a commitment to excellence in industrial safety.


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