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Manutenção de um robô

Electronic Maintenance

Weldtronic also has operations focused on electrical maintenance and electronic maintenance on robots.

Service description:

Maintenance on the control unit;
Maintenance of servo motor modules;
Source Maintenance;
Maintenance on the SDM security module; 
I/O Module Maintenance. 

inversores de frequencia

Inverters have the function of controlling the engine rotation speed with special controls.


These controls provide total flexibility in speed control, smooth acceleration through programming, direct engine braking, in addition to several preferred forms of control and external controls that can be through communication networks.

Service description:

Weldtronic provides complete maintenance of your equipment on the following electronic circuits: Power, source, Control.  

transformador de solda
Transformador de solda

The transformer is a piece of equipment that aims to obtain a high current that allows the melting point between two materials to be reached. These transformers can be 60HZ or 1000Hz medium frequency transformers.

Service description:

Weldtronic specializes in the maintenance of transformers, always with agility and quality in its services, replacing power diodes, changing sensors, connectors and coils.

Welding Inverters

The medium frequency welding system provides, by transforming the 50/60Hz voltage into 1000Hz, a direct current of the highest quality. This frequency of 1000Hz allows a wide range in regulating the welding process.

Service description:

Weldtronic has a specialized technical team and laboratories specially prepared to carry out repairs on this equipment (power, source and control).

servo drives

Service description:

Weldtronic performs repairs on servo drives with total quality and agility, where different types of electronic circuits are repaired (power, source, control). 

maquinas de solda

MIG/MAG welding, an electric arc welding process with shielding gas, is very widespread in the industry due to its wide use.


Service description:

We at Weldtronic perform complete maintenance services on the machines: wire feeder, power, control, source and refrigeration unit.

Inversor solar

Solar inverters

We offer specialized services in photovoltaic inverter maintenance, covering a wide power range from 8KW to 75KW.

Our highly qualified team performs maintenance on multiple brands, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of your solar system.

Count on us to maximize the performance and lifespan of your inverters, ensuring the best return on your solar energy investment.

We serve various brands to meet your specific needs with excellence.

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